"The Horsemen" won the Molière for best play 2016

Jeudi, mai 25, 2017



What an amazing evening we had one year ago at the Moilières award ceremony, at the Folies Bergère theatre in Paris, with "The Horsemen" taking the most prestigious award of Best Play. Eric's original work recognised by the French theatre world, what an honour. What set it apart from the other nominations, which were also great works? The fact that the public is transported into into another world. We really feel we are in the Afghan Steppes, with the heat, the dust, the horses, the combat, the emotion. How did Eric achieve this? By first of all working his magic on adapting the text of Joseph Kessel work, extracintg the essence of the powerful words and thoughts of the author. Then he staged the work with the finesse of a Maestro, bringing together the atmospheirc and haunting music of Khalid K, artful lighting, authentic costumes, a set that was beautiful in ts bare simplicity, and the fine performance of a great cast.

The pictures say it all!