Katerina Fotinaki



La presse parle de Katerina

Entre scansion slam et ferveur aux accents antiques,
harpe en mode ancien et violoncelle furieux, elle renouvelle
la chanson grecque avec audace. 

Télérama « fff » – 8 Février 2014

La Poésie Grecque

La voix évanescente ou ténue jusqu’au murmure de
Katerina Fotinaki drape de lumière et d’intimité les vers
d’Odysseus Elytis, Kostis Palams, Manos Hadjidakis,
Dionysos Solomos… les orfèvres de la poésie grecque.

Le Monde – 11 Février 2014

Rustiques mystères et curiosité

Son chant peut aussi bien évoquer les rustiques mystères
de l’Antiquité que l'Anatolie la plus contemporaine, mais
aussi la curiosité, que Fotinaki arrive sans mal à susciter
pour cette Grèce dont elle nous rappelle qu’elle fut l’un des
plus importants foyers culturels de l’histoire humaine.

Les Inrocks.com – 8 Février 2014

Katerina's evanescent voice

As Katerina Fotinaki's evanescent voice tries to hold on in a whisper-like manner, it enlightens and adorns, with her inner sensitivity, the verses of Odysseus Elytis, Kostis Palamas, Manos Hatzidakis, Dionysius Solomos: all these poets celebrated as goldsmiths of Greek poetry. 

Katerina's reinvents Greek music

In quest of the equilibrium between scansion slam and her loyalty to a yearlong musical tradition, or else between a classical harp on an ancient mode and a... tempestuous cello, Katerina Fotinaki bravely dares a renaissance of Greeek music. 


See teaser here https://youtu.be/_drOU_AiXTc


SPELL is a musical performance in which Poetry, Rythm and Music transform into a ritualistic exorcising of heartache, an antidote against all forms of despair.



Some years ago I was obligated to "digest" an indigestible mixture
of love, grief, friendship and betrayal...

And all of this while my leg was in a plaster cast!

This sudden state of immobility, both of my body and soul
urged me to invent some kind of impromptu invocations
that had no actual addressee : only dispersed words, or small extracts of poems
that I would constantly repeat, for hours, just like a prayer.
But in this case.. a prayer to whom?

In fact, it was the only solution that my mind could find
- instinctively reacting - in order to save itself from madness...
Because this unconscious and totally arbitrary mystic sense I had of this experience
acted as a substitute of hope.
Many years later, when I was reading about witchcraft in ancient Greece,
I was stunned when I realised that there was some similarity between this and my own experience.

So can Music and Poetry really be used
as an atypical personal ritual
to "exorcise" negative things?

Thus acting as an antidote to desperation?

Everyone will give their own answer.
I am just asking the question.

- Katerina Fotinaki





Where to see it / Où aller le voir

Avignon OFF festival 2018

* Performances every Friday and Saturday during the festival (6, 7, 13, 14, 20, 21, 27, 28 July) - 1pm

At the Chapelle de l'Oratoire 

* Performance every Sunday during the festival (8, 15, 22, 29 July) - 10pm

At Actuel Théâtre 

See teaser herehttps://youtu.be/_drOU_AiXTc