barefoot at work

Understand that individuals are at the heart of your company…




Our goal is to help you find a solution to your strategic concerns and boost your team's motivation by stimulating their creativity. We aim to surprise and delight the participants, taking them out of their daily work and thereby stimulating their thought process, creating a stronger team spirit and motivating individuals around your company's goals.

Our uniqueness comes from our combined business and artistic backgrounds as well as our French and Anglo-Saxon approaches to people and the challenges that life throws at us.

Using artistic disciplines (song, dance, drawing and role play), combined with proven strategic and project management methodologies, we propose to support your actions in the following domains:

  • Company strategy development, and aligning that strategy to your client needs by helping you understand the client as an individual.
  • Employee engagement: help find inspiration with your employees, give them a burst of energy, optimism and enthusiasm to encourage their motivation and belief in your company's goals.