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When Paul Wright's young rhino is killed by poachers on his ranch, his combat to protect the species becomes personal.  At the same time, in a village some distance away, James Ngobo is looking for answers, following the murder of his younger son.. A theatrical road movie in the African savanna. 

Crédit photo Olivier Padre

He was a hero
For some, he was a prophet!
How far does loyalty go when having to hide a lie?

photographie Aurore Vinot

Maya, a Voice is the story of a little girl who loses her voice after a traumatic event, and finds it again to become one of the voices that inspires generations of women and men all over the world, the voice of Maya Angelou.

Crédit photo Laurent Sallard

Victor Mulot is sent on a mission to the icy Arctic circle in search of the last polar bear.

"Being first is the only thing that counts. In tennis, being second is like being tenth” John McEnroe

It is the early 1900's. Automobiles and aviation are just starting. Every week, new records of altitude, speed and distance are being broken. 

crédit photo François Vila

An epic story set in the steppes of Afghanistan: pride & honour of a young man as he challenges his father's expectations.

2016 winner of France's most prestigious theatre award "Le Molière", for best play.


"My name is Ngubi. I’m a bushman. I spend my days in this African jungle, hunting wild animals like my ancestors have been doing since the birth of the sun.”

Eric takes us on a funny, crazy and hectic trip to his childhood country of South Africa.

”If today I were to choose … a single spiritual guide, a “guru,” as the Hindus say, … without a doubt I would choose Zorbás. He taught me to love life and not to fear death”.
Nikos Kazantzakis

During the expansion of his empire, the great Mongolian sovereign Kublai Khan welcomes a young foreigner, Marco Polo...

Presented at Avignon Festival 2016, Eric is one of France's most innovative directors.