Anglophone theatre evening - what Joy!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017




What a super evening! Thanks to the artists and the team for your energy, hard work, generosity and talent - you made this evening a super occasion. I loved the mix of music, theatre and comedy with all generations coming together to entertain. It was quite moving..
I am in admiration of Eric, the Maestro, who managed to work a miracle and made the whole event go smoothly in an atmosphere of fun and sharing :).

Special thanks to:

Arnaud and Sebastien -  for your patience setting up and managing the sound and lighting :)

Anissa & team Sandrine, Sophie and others at the Buc town hall & theatre for your welcome :)

Elizabeth W - for all your help with making it all happen :)

The artists:

  • Saltimbuc - the young ones stole the show! Well done!
  • Jazz Papas - lovely ambiance throughout with music and song
  • International Players - your sense of fun was infectious
  • Big Funk - father and son.. growing up..thought provoking..
  • Elizabeth W - audience was captivated  - you could hear a pin drop with this American story
  • Dear Conjunction - Oscar Wilde was with us tonight
  • Ian Moore -  very funny stories from Ian, the chutney-making, France based, very British stand-up comedian